Arts Atelier | Panamericana Art&Design School
Advertising | PUC-SP
Reiki Master | Energy Therapist

Graduated both in ““Art Atelier”, at Panamericana Arts&Design School, and “Advertising & Publicity” at PUC-SP, Mirela Fioresy has always been connected to the creative area. Her detailed ink paintings create an universe of its own. Mingling techniques such as oil paint, acrylic, graffit and china ink, the artist offers us an invitation to look closer. Each glance revealing a new secret, unraveling hidden stories and forcing us into the rare moment of a thoughtful pause.

Artist Proposal

Full of details only noticed by close proximity, the paintings offers an invitation to pause, to ponder, to get closer, to see beyond. A call for a reflected moment, in a society conditioned to like without thinking, to share without reading, and that sometimes goes on living without acknowledging.

Special Projects:

  • Ghana Artist Residence: In 2013 Mirela Fioresy lived for 25 days at a small village in Gana, doing an Art Residence thru NKA Foundation. This lead to the photography project called “Ghana Portraits”.


  • The Wall Contest, by Panamericana Art&Design School and HP: In 2014, Mirela Fioresy was part of the artist’s team that presented the winner project for the The Wall Contest, a partnership between Panamericana Arts&Design School and HP, resulting in a 72m2 panel, in display at Panamericana | Groenlândia Building.